I am a video and immersive producer at the Los Angeles Times.

My work includes projects for The Atlantic, Washington Post, National Geographic, BBC, Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle and other media outlets, educational institutions, foundations, companies, and independent documentaries. 

I have produced and designed productions that won prestigious awards, including an Online Journalism Award, Student Academy Award, BAFTA Student Award, MTV Music Video Award and commercial projects placed among the ten most highly valued in “Ads of the World.” I was a 2009/10 resident of San Francisco's Film Society's FilmHouse Program.

At UC Berkeley, I led an interdisciplinary group for over two years, developing  AR/VR prototypes in partnership with the Center for Augmented Cognition and The Fung Institute. In 2018, I was an Augmented Reality Storyteller in Residence at McClatchy New Ventures Lab, where I co-produced a three-part mobile AR series on migration and loss along the Mexico-US border.

As an educator, I have instructed and mentored undergraduate and graduate students in multimedia and video production at UC Berkeley, CELSA Paris-Sorbonne and the University of Granada in Spain.

I am an alumna of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and Boston University.

Here is my IMDB page.
CV available upon request.